Here at AST Engineering we will help grow your idea through all the stages of the product development cycle until your desired new product hits the market.

We know how hard it is to bring an idea to life. The process is long and intensive so allow us to assist you on this road. Using our rich experience in this field we will help you develop your new product from its early stages all the way to the market launching.

The Idea

We start from the foundation. We will develop your idea, whether it is a new kind of electric motor, a hydraulic cylinder, or even a toy, all the way from scratch to the finished product.

Research and Development

Using CAD/CAM software, innovative methods and hard work we will prepare a full engineering development of your new product. We are ready to prepare for you all the needed drawings, production technologies, the required producing equipment etc. so the production of your new product could be realized. After all the preparation is done, we could even find suitable contractors for all the parts and bits of your new product, all with the needed quality and for the right price. This way we will obtain a quality prototype of your idea!

Testing and analysis

After obtaining a prototype we will thoroughly test it to make sure that it works in the way that it should be. After analaysing the results and consulting it with you, we could be sure that your new product is fully ready to enter it's final stage - the market launch.


After all the complex preparations your product will be ready to be launched on the market. We could assist you here as well. By using our formed knowledge of your product, we could prepare a very precise price for it. This way you will be sure that you are getting the most out of it, and thus maximize your profit!

All in all the development of a new product is a very complex process and is strongly unique for each customer. That is why in this web page we could only give you a short glimpse of what we could offer you. If you are interested in working with us on the development of your new product please contact us in the form below so we could discuss it in details!