The Introduction

We offer to produce the metal details, electrical and hydraulic equipment you need for your business at the most competitive price!

Here, at AST Engineering, we will assist you or your company with the engineering development and production of your product.
Using extensive CAD/CAM simulations, good technologies and an innovative price forming based on engineering methods, we will always provide you with the optimal price for your goods.

What's more, we will produce your metal details, electrical or hydraulic equipment, working alongside some of the best industrial enterprises in Bulgaria, the most attractive outsorcing destination in Europe!

The Details

AST Engineering is specialized in the area of metalworking!

On top of that we are also fully capable of offering you solutions in the area of electrical equipment, hydraulics and new product development!

Open to conversation

We will constantly communicate with you, in order to achieve the perfect solution for you!

Team effort

Our team is composed of highly motivated, constantly improving experts, each one ready to assist you, so we could fulfill your exact needs.

Engineering development

We have rich experience in the development of new products and we will use it to assist you in developing yours.

Production methods

Whether it be metal working or electrical equipment, we use all the latest production methods and tools, so we could achieve that perfect quality of your new product.

Competitive prices

As we are based in Bulgaria, we can offer you some of the most competitive prices in all of Europe.


At the end of the day, the clients satisfaction is the most important thing for us. That's why we are going to work extra hard, so we could satisfy your every need.


All kinds of metalworking operations, including CNC Turning and CNC Milling.


Electrical equipment

Different kinds of electrical machines based on the clients request.


Hydraulic equipment

Development and production of hydraulic cylinders, motors and systems.


Product Development

Assisting and consulting you during the journey of developing your new product.